Keeldragger. The adventure begins!

Cast Off!
  • Fun Factor

    We push the fun factor to the limits. If you aren't having fun aboard Keeldragger, there is something seriously wrong with you.

  • Intensely Competitive

    Keeldragger takes no prisoners. We set out each and every race to achieve victory in second to last place. Every time. All the time.

  • Beer

    Beer is a very important part of the Keeldragger tradition. We break out the glass [bottles] in case of emergency. Homebrew and craft beers are the Keeldragger preferred way of life, but we'll drink warm, 2-year old skanky Silver Bullets if nothing else is on hand.


The Keeldragger crew are larger than life. This is not sailing for the faint at heart.


The women can't resist our sexiness.


40 knot winds, glass bottles of beer, and full canvas aloft. Boom.

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Mobile App Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for the Keeldragger mobile app.

View the legacy. Live the dream.

Although the last Keeldragger race was in 2007, the crew is alive and well. Keeldragger will race again....

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